Welcome to my world.

It is one of divine connection to our one source of creation, love. In 2018 I reached a point in my life where I could no longer pretend to be happy striving for the same things as everyone else in this life. Since childhood, I knew I was here for something big, I was ready to find out what that ‘something’ was. I decided to allow something else to control my life because my own control brought me unhappiness deep within. I have stepped into pure faith in myself and my intuition, which IS the voice of god, the voice of our higher self, the voice of the universe, the voice of our soul, our guidance on this earth.

In doing so, I do not plan any aspect of my life myself anymore, I follow my intuitive guidance because it has taken me around the world to do things I never thought I could. I do not have a job with a guaranteed income, instead, I have chosen to be fearless in my purpose to show humanity that it is real. I love and accept everybody in gods way, because I love and accept myself. I have faith in humanity, because I have faith in myself. Follow my journey as it is an example of how free we are meant to be on this earth.

June 9th, 2020, I lost part of my soul in physical form. This loss comes with great purpose, to awaken those who still remain with a chance to experience the path created for their existence. Kyle could not step fully into his power while present physically, so now his power will be used fully through me, energetically, spiritually, because we are one. We have always had a large purpose to serve together, and that purpose does not stop with his physical absence, but only gets stronger.

The foundation in which we create a new earth, is that of love, and is an individual endeavor. I am here to be the connection between divinity and humanity, I am here to spread a message of salvation, that message is love, beginning with love for yourself. “If we individually save ourselves, we collectively save the world.”

Love, Shanna

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October 6, 2020, 1:03 PM Blog ID: #32251743

You cannot ask Jesus to heal this land, while not taking action to heal yourself, you are this land. You cannot ask Jesus to bring you peace, peace has always been within you, but you must find it for yourself. You cannot ask Jesus to protect you, while you do everything in your daily life to destroy yourself. Jesus was not a savior; he was a messenger of salvation. That message of salvation was one stating that god is love, love is creation, you are one with creation, you are one with god, and it all starts with love for yourself. Man came and manipulated Jesus’ message of salvation, speaking if god as a punishing source outside of ourselves. This was done to keep the human race controlled with fear. Fear of being punished for being unworthy. This teaching is that of satan, for it is cruel to teach a race of gods that they are unworthy of love without the forgiveness of an outside source. Jesus already walked this land and healed it. Jesus already brought this land peace. Jesus already provided protection to those in his presence while on earth. The truth of the second coming of Jesus was manipulated, for it is not a physical presence, it is the presence of another vessel of god such as he. Another human being whom sacrifices being one with the man-made illusion of life to spread the truth of god. Another human being whom is here healing the land that she walks. Another human being the brings peace to those in her presence. Another human being that brings protection to those who believe. All human beings are here to be this vessel of god, this messenger of love, but only one in this lifetime will be the example of it, and lay a new foundation for a new earth to thrive. This is the real meaning of the last days, it is not the end of the world, it is not a time that Jesus comes and ‘saves’ those who follow a lie in religion from the earth. It is a time where humanity is presented with the presence of god walking the earth, and THAT is their opportunity to find salvation, if they listen to the message spoken, they will see that salvation is within themselves. It is then the last days of this illusion of life we’ve been taught will fall away. It is not the end of the world, but the beginning of the ascension of humanity. A clean slate to start over and avoid the extinction of the human race yet again. The messenger is here, and is changing all frequencies of the earth, those who will be ‘left behind’ are simply those who choose NOT to rise with the new frequencies. It is not a physical state of being ‘left behind’ it is a choice to remain at the energy of suffering and pain, while the energy of love and salvation is being presented to you.

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August 9, 2020, 2:30 PM Blog ID: #23544299

I have written about this previously on my blog. it is the act of allowing your soul to ascend. in this act, there will be necessary transformation of your human vessel, that is out of your control. there will be an unlayering of years of destruction we have placed upon our body. this unlayering appears to be illness, but is actually a sign that you have risen to an entirely different frequency of existence.

when one allows the universe/god/higher self to break through a veils of illusion that currently exist, the human body must acclimate to the removal of said illusions. because the human body becomes accustomed to existing at a certain energy, it must transform to align with the new energy being presented to it.

this transformation isn't pleasant, as it is a release of negative energies that have been harvested within, for the course of one's life. the body will feel 'sick' with possibly fever, and symptoms of a flu, accompanied by a sore, swollen throat where one will lose their voice.

the voice must go for different reasons, but all reasons are to create the same outcome. the voice will need to be lost, for one to have silence forced upon them. one may never know how much they speak, until they are unable to. part of ascension is learning that energy speaks louder than language. energy is the primary source of communication among the human race, language was created so that humanity would disregard the energy they feel, and obey the words spoken to them, leading them astray. when an individual is unaware of this truth, they will never learn the truth about it, until the only way they are able to communicate, is with action, due to their inability to speak.

another reason this 'illness' would be presented to one, is to present an opportunity to perceive its occurrence from a higher consciousness. when one raises the level of their perception, one will see the energetic truths in physical occurrences, thus raising an individuals consciousness again.

when one chooses to raise their level of perception, one will then begin to experience the power that individually resides within them. the power to heal themselves with all things one with creation that mother earth provides, combined with the healing power of the universe that resides within us all.

THIS IS THE FIRST LEVEL.if you have reached this level, be proud of yourself and thank yourself for allowing your soul to ascend, because the human race needs you now.


there will be many levels climbed and many lessons learned between the two levels i am currently speaking of. think of it as the end level of a video game before advancing to the next 'world' or level of difficulty. one must acknowledge that every higher frequency reached in love, also exists a level of fear just as powerful. there will come a point, where you ascend so high, that the evil that exists at this level, will attack. because we inhabit a human vessel, it is the human vessel that will manifest the energetic attack.

this again will come in the form of an 'illness' this level will be much stronger with intentions of being much more destructive to the body and to the soul. this level of illness will be intended to make an individual give up and seek man made help in the form of man made medicine. this level will be intended to make an individual become fearful of whats happening. if one falls victim to this fear, one will empower the energy opposite of love, one will empower the hold fear has over the human race, instead of releasing the human race of fear.

at this level of attack, one must stand strong in the truth of who they are, one with creation, which nothing is stronger than. in this strength, one will be intuitively guided on what to consume for healing and one will bring the power of healing to earth, by inviting it within themselves. this is necessary at this point because it is this power that will heal the human race of the viruses and diseases being forced upon them. the human race cannot win the chemical warfare being placed upon them physically. this battle can only be won energetically, by winning the battle within oneself.

an additional reason for this level of attack is once again, to suppress the voice. this attack will come when one has found the power of their voice with no regards to the opinions of others when expressed. this attack will come to prevent one from spreading their truth, and when perceived as such, will then be another opportunity for one to find silence, because in silence comes answers.

in conclusion, when one chooses to embark on the path created for them, the path of becoming one with creation, that is the energy of love, one will exist in an infinite state of transformation, and must be prepared for all attacks by simply remaining strong in their power, that is the power of love. when one chooses to serve their purpose of aiding the human race in its necessary evolution, one will find freedom and peace, no matter the attacks brought to them, because one will eventually realize, there is nothing stronger than them, when existent at the energy of creation.


PURE ZINC EXTRACT - when 'ill' take 4x/day, when healthy, take 2x/day LEMON BALM EXTRACT - to calm the nervous system take 2x/day sick or healthy LIQUID B-12 EXTRACT - for the immune system take 2x/day, sick or healthy L-LYSINE CAPSULES - kills viruses - when 'ill' take 1-2, 4x/day, when healthy take 1/day MICRO-C CAPSULES - when 'ill' take 1, 4x/day, when healthy take 1/day GINGER TUMERIC TEA - boil water, place an inch of tumeric and ginger grated or minced, add pure raw honey and lemon, drink tea and also eat the ginger and tumeric EAT AS MUCH FRUIT AS POSSIBLE - ALL FRUIT IS THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY FOODS HUMANS CAN CONSUME


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July 29, 2020, 5:23 PM Blog ID: #77853380

today i fly to Denver. not too sure why, but i have an idea. it is intuitively guided trips like these ones that bring the most healing to the earth, and the human race because it is these trips that are based purely on faith in my purpose. it is trips like this that have no particular reason, other than my presence is needed on a particular place at a particular time. in my decisions to act on my intuition, which is the voice of god, i bring the energy of breaking free from fear to the human race, i bring the energy of faith and i bring the energy of intuitive guidance, because, i am one with all. what i do for myself, i do for all.


This is why an messenger must give up all control of their own life, to allow god to guide them to those seeking the truth.

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July 27, 2020, 5:28 PM Blog ID: #70894687

there is freedom available to us. there is a place of salvation that has always existed within us individually. this salvation is found in truth. this freedom is found in truth. there is not an outside source that can speak your truths, they are yours. truth will be called crazy. one who speaks truth will be diagnosed with mental disorders. one who speaks truth will be called a liar. which is why it is important to first rebuild your foundation of existence to that of creation. when one acknowledges they have the power of creation, in the energy of love, one will not be moved by the attacks that come against him for speaking truth. when every individual begins to stand strong in truth, it is then, the presence of god will reign. TRUTH IS THE ONLY ANSWER FOR THE HUMAN RACE. TRUTH CAN ONLY BE SPOKEN WHEN ONE ACKNOWLEDGES WHO THEY REALLY ARE, THAT IS ONE WITH GOD, THAT IS LOVE. Love, Shanna

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July 19, 2020, 4:21 PM Blog ID: #93607647

To accept destruction of the human race as inevitable, is to create it. Because perception is creation. One must acknowledge that we share this lifetime now, the lifetime where the consciousness of the human race has risen, to cease the cycle of destruction placed upon humanity since the beginning of our creation. The only way to accomplish this mission, is to individually rise to exist at one with the energy of creation, that is the energy of love. God IS love. YOU ARE LOVE. GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITHIN US INDIVIDUALLY. LOVE HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR NATURAL ENERGY OF EXISTENCE. We’ve been taught against this truth. To acknowledge this truth is the only answer for the salvation of the human race. Love, Shanna

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July 19, 2020, 4:20 PM Blog ID: #33268008

All previous teachings of spirituality must be released All previous teachings of religion must be released

So that we may individually step into the role created for the human race

We are energetic beings, one with the energy of creation, that have the ability to come to earth for a physical experience

The human race was created to experience the energy of love in physical form

But has been manipulated into experiencing the energy of fear in the physical form

This is suffering, this hate, this is division and none of it is natural to us without our creation of it.

There is no division natural to us.

Equality does not need to be fought for, it needs to be acknowledged as already existent.

Love, Shanna

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July 15, 2020, 9:28 AM Blog ID: #49758752

7.15.2020 7:20am

i am at another point in my life where i must choose between serving my purpose, following the voice of god within me, or being accepted by a person who does not accept themselves, therefore, making it impossible to accept me.

why wouldn't i choose to serve my purpose? because i am staying at my parents house, and am being told NOT to speak the message god has given me to speak.

i thought i already surpassed this layer, but i see now, it has returned on a much higher level.

2018, i chose to follow my own path with no fear of who accepted it. why wouldn't i do the same again? especially after seeing where it has brought me.

Every morning my father gets on a zoom meeting where they read from the bible, a place where answers are not 100% the truth, and i have to listen to all the deception. well, today, the voice of god told me to go speak a quick message of gratitude, and when i asked my mom how i should go about it, she told me not to. so, again, i must make the choice to follow my purpose over the acceptance of another human being, even my parents, just as i did in 2018. i must not fear having a place to stay, i must not fear how others will feel, because my message is one of truth and love, one of god, and anyone who cannot receive a message of love, is one who needs it the most.

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July 7, 2020, 11:26 AM Blog ID: #894774

today is 7.7.2020, 11:20am. i had a bad night, very emotional. feeling very lonely on this path, as i have discovered even more 'friends/supporters' have blocked my page as if i have done something personally wrong to them. i understand this has nothing to do with me, but rather, their inability to accept truth. this is where i found a lonely place. because in times like this, Kyle would remind me that i am doing the right thing and that there is nobody strong enough to do it but me. i broke down, in his absence, because i miss him. it was then, the light motion sensor in the hallway turned on, then my bathroom, then last, the one right next to my bed that turns on when i step off the bed. everybody was asleep, and of course there was nobody in my room. this was Kyle, showing me that hes still with me. i felt the love ans the warmth, and i was grateful for knowing another soul that is one with me in this lifetime.

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June 23, 2020, 11:56 AM Blog ID: #47134674

well, i think i'm just about done with the first installment of the series "THE REAL WORD OF GOD." the last chapter i worked on was 'life and death,' and includes knowledge that i would not have gained without the passing of my person. Kyle gave his life so that knowledge may be gained within myself and spread to the world. he loved all he encountered no matter how they treated him. he forgave all who did wrong toward him. he wanted to please his family, so that they would tell him they were proud of him. he couldn't understand that a person who is not proud of themselves, cannot be proud of another, and that had nothing to do with him. i fought for the redemption of his self love, i fought for the salvation of his soul, protected him from those who broke him down, and i had to accept that he also had to fight for himself, or we would not win. i felt like i lost this battle, but after communicating with him and doing things nobody will understand on an energetic level, i know that the battle was not lost. he chose the light, he is now at peace, he did not choose to remain at the energy he knew on earth, the energy of suffering, and he thanked me for leading him there. the dedication of the entire series of TRWG, will be to Kyle. for he played the biggest role in the awakening of my soul, which led to the knowledge humanity needs to survive. Kyle gave his life for the love of the human race, he just didn't know how to love himself the same way. accept everything i speak as truth, gained from the source of our creation, and ever evolving. my message will continue to rise on levels not yet understood, but the change the world needs rests in truth kept from us since the beginning of our existence. thank you Kyle for the role you have played in my evolution, and thank you for continuing your purpose through me. I LOVE YOU. Love, Shanna

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June 20, 2020, 1:49 PM Blog ID: #42354524

today is June 20, 2020. its been eleven days since you've been gone. i'm still waiting to wake up. today is the day i hold a gathering in your honor, because i was told not to show at your funeral. today i feel the pain of mourning the absence of your presence, just like i did September 9, 2018. i thought it was hard letting you go then, now i see, that was nothing.

it pains me that the people that will be in attendance at your funeral are those that brought the most pain to you. there will be friends in attendance that were leeches to your energy while you were here, not genuinely friends at all, yet they have been invited over me.

i must stand strong in the understanding that those who have such a hate toward me, has nothing to do with me. not one person can ever say that they witnessed me mistreating you, unfortunately, i had to witness many people mistreating you. i mistreated your family, due to the way they treated you, i know now, that wasnt the way, but it was my way of standing up for your gentle soul. those who do not like the role i played in your life, are also those who i could see right thru and warned you of their presence in your life, that is where their hate comes from.

it was expressed in a conversation with a friend, that she didn't understand your family's hate for me, this was my response.

"I completely understand it which is why I am not offended by it. I have compassion for them for they are tormented on the inside due to the roles they individually played in the destruction of Kyle's soul. They hate me because I was the one he turned to for peace. They hate me for being the light in his life. When people don’t see the good in you, it’s because they cannot see good within themselves, therefore has nothing to do with you. I am at peace because Kyle and I knew the love and bond we shared. I am not tormented. 🤍🤍🤍"

so , Kyle, as i place a 16x20 poster of your beautiful smile on a canvas to display today, tears roll down my face, because i wish i could hug you just one more time and see you smile so big in my face when i do so. i have loved you since the moment i met you, and that love will never end. i will continue this life, moving forward in my message, now with more ammunition, more knowledge, and more love to spread in your name. you had so much love to give, and you gave me so much. thank you for always making me feel important, thank you for washing my hair, thank you for cooking for me, thank you for always surprising me with gifts, thank you for always sticking up for me, thank you for being my baby, and holding me every night. thank you for showing me how to love myself, so that i could genuinely love you.

i know that you see now, how important your role was on this earth. please help me, send people my way, that will aid me in spreading your message and your love. every night before o go to bed, i ask to see you in my dreams, and i do. thank you for your infinite presence in my life, i am at peace knowing that you will never leave me.

Today will be more than a memorial for you, it will be a gathering of love, because that is what the world is missing. thank you for bringing your love to earth. i wish you would have loved yourself as much as you loved others, that was my prayer. but its ok, you will continue to serve a purpose here, as long as i exist. I LOVE YOU KYLE.


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i cant breathe
June 18, 2020, 5:57 PM Blog ID: #30536441

i don't know what this feeling is. it feels bad, bad energy, being sent my way. my heart hurts, literally, there is a pain in my chest. there is a shortness of breath, a gasp every few minutes due to a feeling of lack of oxygen to my lungs.

is this worry? is this anxiety? and why is it happening to me? i woke up feeling so strong, just to see Kyle's family that uninvited me to the funeral following my social media. i woke up feeling so strong, just to go another day without hearing from 'friends' that swore they would keep me up to date on the services. i woke up feeling so strong, just to remember that human beings don't always appreciate ones presence in their lives, so why would i expect them to appreciate mine?

a time like this is when i miss the person that i know would support anything i am doing. a time like this is when i must look beyond human existence to find my peace. a time like this is when i must remember who i am and what i am here to do, and that is something no regular person would understand.

now my nausea is dissipating, i can breathe again, i can see my mission, it is not of this world, therefore, i must not strive for acceptance from this world. thank you universe for giving me strength, thank you Kyle for supporting me infinitely. i will carry on your story, just as i seen myself doing in the visions i had of this moment. i love you. love, Shanna

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June 17, 2020, 11:30 AM Blog ID: #87535621

i don't really know what day or date it is, my phone isn't near me, and i really don't feel like getting up to find it. i believe its Wednesday, ah yes, its Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

i really cannot explain where i'm at mentally, or emotionally. i feel like im just here, just waiting to wake up from this dream, just letting time pass, until someone says, 'hey Shanna, look, there's the reason!!!' i must be honest in what i feel, and i feel as if my purpose was lost. i fought so long and so hard for Kyle's soul, and i lost. even though i know that we are all responsible for our own souls, i felt responsible for his, because his soul is one with mine. it was like a battle with my own soul, and it was lost, therefore, creating this loss of purpose.

i was sitting outside, drinking my blended apples and oranges, allowing the sun to embrace the surface of my body. with my eyes closed, all i could think was, what now? i looked to my future, the state of the earth, the state of humanity, and realized that i don't have my steadfast, number one supporter anymore, and i wondered, why keep pushing. i have no job, no home, and no Kyle to look to the future with. i gave up everything, to show the world a better way, the world that only supports people that make them feel good, rather than one that would help them face the truth and genuinely heal their soul, and i need help now. the thought crossed my mind, why not just take a peaceful bow out if this earth. a painless one, and leave the fighting to someone else. why not just take a lot of pills that are easy to come by, and just go to sleep? the first reason i cannot do that, is my son, his soul will die with my physical absence and i cannot be the cause of his demise on this earth. i am taking this death as a loss of the biggest battle I've faced so far, and i am looking up to the sky, asking god/universe/higher self for help. i need help now, i need to move forward in my message, i need peace, i need reason, i need to be shown the divine plan behind the passing of the other half of me, i need it now, because i am feeling weak. i am feeling like i have no more fight in me, yet the world desperately needs the fight im capable of putting up. i need help now, and i have faith it will come.

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June 13, 2020, 2:31 PM Blog ID: #33981164

I have to be honest about how I feel right now. I feel numb. I’m just sitting here, emotionless. This isn’t me, ‘feeling’ is my super power. Is my power being tested? Yes. The only emotion that first comes to mind is anger. Someone took my soul; someone took it upon themselves to write his destiny. Oh wait, I feel something now, nauseous, like vomiting. I’m sick that I wasn’t in Houston when this happened. Because as long as I was in Houston, he would call me when he felt something wrong, and I ALWAYS answered his calls. This is my next lesson in this life.

Will I be able to show forgiveness to the people that did this to him? The only way I can, is by first forgiving myself for not being there, and for not calling him. Kyle is speaking to me, telling me now, that I must forgive myself and I must rise above, and be an example of my message of forgiveness.

Kyle, I will forgive them for you, because you want me to, because your heart and soul are pure, that of love, that of god. Thank you for guiding me through this. Thank you for making me feel again. Now I feel sadness again. I lost part of my soul in its physical form. Please continue to guide me through this to serve OUR purpose together in this life. We have much to do. Your name will never be spoken in vain. Your presence and your death will never be in vain, because I am here to ensure this.

I love you forever. Thank you for showing me the way through, thank you for not leaving me. Love, Shanna

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June 12, 2020, 1:57 AM Blog ID: #74345581

i speak to Kyle, because i always get an answer. today, June 11, 2020, i was driving to get mushroom soup from our favorite Korean BBQ spot, and i asked, "why are we here Kyle, why is this happening?" i immediately got a response that i will quote verbatim as i heard it from him:

"Shanna, i had to leave. i was given a choice, to awaken and walk the path, and be the person you need, or to leave so that you could continue forward. Shanna, you weren't going to be able to move forward in the ways that you're supposed to, because you love me too much. we are connected forever, and you are supposed to meet people and do things that you wouldn't be able to do if i was there. you love me so much that every move you make, you keep me and your son in mind. well, this world was too hard for me, i just couldn't seem to break free from all of my pain. so i chose to leave, so that you could move forward, because i knew i wasn't gonna be able to move forward the way i needed to. i was given a choice to awaken and be with you for the rest of this lifetime, or leave and allow you to finish what you have to do here without worrying about me. i chose to leave my physical life, because i was tired of fighting, i chose to leave so that you could accomplish your mission because i know you fight for the world and i know that you'll win. so i chose this, please don't be sad, i did it because i love you as much as you love me. again, there are people you must meet and things you must do, that you wouldn't be able to do if i was there. stay strong like you always have been. i will never leave you, because you never left me. i will always help you fight, just from a different space now, because you always helped me fight. i am always with you and i love you, i will never leave you alone. i love you shan."

it was then i realized, Kyle gave his life for me, because he knew he wasn't strong enough to continue in this darkness. he gave his life so that i could move forward in my fight to awaken humanity to the beauty and truth of our existence. he gave his life for me, because i also gave my life for him.

thank you Kyle for loving me and helping me. thank you for serving your souls purpose. thank you for sharing your beauty with me. i love you. love, shanna

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June 12, 2020, 12:48 AM Blog ID: #14395973


what we must understand about this physical life, is that the core of our being is energy, a soul, that is infinite in existence, that is capable of working at one with god, one with the universe, to save souls. when this is understood, clarity can be gained regarding every occurrence in life.

i have allowed myself to be divinely connected to our source of creation, which is love, that is the core of my existence, the only energy within me. with that, comes the ability to communicate with frequencies higher than the human life, and dimensions beyond earth.

now i can explain the beauty experienced in the passing of a soul mate, one that i love infinitely, Kyle.

for the past 3-4 weeks i began experiencing dizziness, not vertigo, not a typical dizziness, but one that felt like i was in between parallels of time. i never feared this, i just knew it was some strong energy that i was either absorbing, or transforming. it was happening all day every day. one episode was so severe that i was holding the doorknob to a bedroom and leaning about 45 degrees backwards with sounds in my ears like i was in a vortex. i didn't know what was happening, but it felt necessary, i knew it was happening for a reason i didn't understand yet, so i allowed it, in faith that i was being used for a purpose larger than i could imagine.

Kyle passed on June 9th, very early in the morning, and since he has passed, i have not been dizzy once. i knew there was a correlation, because we are so connected that I've always felt his energy and even transformed it at times. so i asked to be shown what it meant.

today, i received many answers to many questions i have, but i'll start with the answer pertaining to the dizziness.

you see, when we leave this earth, there is no heaven and hell as the bible describes, but there is two destinations to choose from. one is dark and one is light. those whose soul is in a dark place on earth, is usually led to the dark place, that is of continued suffering just as they experienced on earth. ones soul is not destined for this place, nor is it punishment, but ones soul has a choice on which destination to choose, but because we are energy, the soul will usually follow the same energy in which they existed here on earth.

because i am able to exist in different dimensions, i am also able to guide souls, and have done so for many.

in my times of dizziness, i was cleansing Kyle's soul, releasing the hold that evil was trying to take over him, preparing him for his passing, so that his soul would go to the light. his soul is a mate of mine, we are one, and i had to make sure he chose the right destination so that he could help me continue my work on this earth. in order for him to choose the light, i had to fight for his soul while he was here, hence the dizziness for 3-4 weeks, non stop. i am grateful to have played such a role in his souls eternal destination. he has already spoken with me and answered some questions that i will write about next. thank you universe/god for such an opportunity to guide one that i love so immensely, and thank you kyle for choosing the light so that you may guide my work on this earth. i love you.

love, shanna

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June 10, 2020, 4:44 AM Blog ID: #48841570

no matter how long god has been preparing me for this day, i still wasn't prepared. i had this vision, and now my life has been dejavu since receiving the news all the way down to the phone call and who it was from. even tho i seen this coming, i also seen the other option that was available to you if you had made different decisions.

the other vision was that you awakened to who you were on this earth. you began to heal and love yourself and see the angel that you truly were. you were so big, such a big presence with such a big purpose. unfortunately, the way this world works, is to smash those who are big, down to size, limiting them, thats what has been done to you your whole life.

pressure to make money has been placed on you your entire life, like thats all people wanted to see you do before they would be proud of you. i told you many times that money meant nothing and you were bigger than that, but you still wanted to please others. if you would have made other choices, i seen you and i traveling the world speaking to large crowds about our story, and saving so many lives by simply spreading love. but here i am at 2:37am doing exactly what i knew i would be, up, writing, crying, and wishing that this wasnt real. when i discussed these visions with you and told you the options god was giving you, i also told you that i would spread your music when you passed, since nobody wanted to appreciate it while you were here, they will appreciate the message behind it now that you are gone. i will keep my word, and i dont know how just yet, but i will get your message spoken. your passing will not be in vain, because your life was far more important here than you ever believed. thank you for choosing me to love, thank you for choosing me to awaken, thank you for trusting me with your truths, and i thank god/universe for bringing our souls together again in this lifetime. i love you kyle, please visit me in my dreams, when i do decide to sleep.

love, shanna

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June 8, 2020, 2:50 PM Blog ID: #81205913

to approach the current state of the world as what it is, AN ATTACK ON THE HUMAN RACE, is to bring the energy to earth that’s needed to create a true revolution. one must see from a higher perspective, this isn’t an attack on a particular race, this is an attack on THE HUMAN RACE, for the purposes of causing anger, hopelessness, and division.


If we individually save ourselves, we collectively save the world. Love, Shanna

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June 5, 2020, 9:56 PM Blog ID: #53796110

today is 6.5.2020, a full moon, along with four planets retrograde. the energy of this moon is intense, for the purpose of continuing to create monumental change on earth. the energy of retrograde planets highlights the things that must be transformed in ones life. the moon collectively accompanies change, the planets individually usher change.

whatever issues in your life feel the most intense right now, are the ones that are being revealed to you so that you may change something regarding those issues. sometimes, its simply perception that needs to change, sometimes its attachment to the issue that must change. whatever is coming up for you, remember that it is not happening to create hardship in your life, rather, to create a space of freedom from said issue.

the earth is experiencing a period of transformation, ushering in opportunities for the human race to choose ascension and evolution. because we are one with earth, moon, and planets, we now have the choice to transform, ascend and evolve, along with our earth.

we, as a human race, one collective being, must acknowledge truth about evolution. for growth to transpire, endings must take place. everything that is going on, is happening because the earth must rise to a higher frequency, in doing so, endings must occur in the physical life. when one chooses to individually allow endings to occur in their life, they are aiding also in ending cycles that have been recurrent amongst the human race. these endings don't have to be obvious, physical occurrences, they can be internal such as, ending internal cycles, ending old ways of thinking and feeling.

the human race is being presented with an opportunity now, to allow major transformation in their physical lives, by first allowing major transformation internally. the human race will ascend collectively with the earth, when they individually choose to do everything opposite of what they have been taught as normal. change may be forced upon you, if you are choosing to refrain from making necessary changes that will lead you to the path you were meant to walk. perception of your life will change the outcome of every occurrence. to perceive every occurrence as necessary for not only individual evolution, but forward movement of the human race, is to relieve one self of stress and worry of said occurrence. to perceive everything currently going on in the earth as necessary for the great awakening of humanity to occur, is to bring awakening to humanity. chaos precedes evolution, and all current energy, is revealing the truth of this life to the masses. all current energy, is driving us individually to turn within for comfort in these tumultuous times. it is only within that one will gain clarity and truth. truth must begin within to acknowledge that we must individually get back to the energy of creation that lays dormant within us, that is the energy of love, and it must begin with love for self. this is just the beginning, of the revolution of love, leading to humanities salvation. love, Shanna

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ALL systems in place.
June 3, 2020, 4:03 PM Blog ID: #98747081

We will not find results in only addressing ‘bad cops’ verbally. The entire justice system must be addressed. Please understand that ALL systems currently in place in this life, were not created for the best interest of humanity, rather, created for power in suppression & control. To acknowledge this truth, you will then see that their actions don’t always start with them as a person, but rather how they are being trained. Those with no truth to stand in, will fall for anything. I have witnessed it myself, within my family, a person come out of training in the justice system, with a prejudice that didn’t previously reside. THIS PROBLEM IS MUCH DEEPER THAN ‘BAD COPS,’ THE ROOT OF THIS PROBLEM IS THE SYSTEM THAT GROOMS THE COPS TO BE PREJUDICE & STEREOTYPICAL. the people that join this system with strong minds, are the good cops and don’t allow themselves to become brainwashed. The weak minded are those that act from of a false superiority, stereotype, and fear, which are all roots of prejudice. ALL SYSTEMS IN PLACE MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED AS THE ROOT OF HUMANITIES DEMISE. This isn’t a physical fight. We cannot rise above ALL SYSTEMS in place, until we individually possess an unseen force, a power that lives within us, that cannot be touched by those in control, that is the energy of creation, that is love. if we individually save ourselves, we collectively save the world. love, Shanna

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May 31, 2020, 1:22 PM Blog ID: #53428063

pertaining to health, one of the ways to ensure that you rise above the destruction being placed upon us, is to consume foods with the energy of our creation. the only way to do that, is to eat what the earth has provided for you. to continue to eat dead flesh of previously living beings, is to consume the energy opposite of creation, ensuring that you will exist on the very levels of destruction placed upon us. to continue to consume man made chemicals, anything you cannot pronounce, is to ensure the death of your energetic body, the death of the very core of your existence, and that is the plan. illness is not natural to us, we choose it by choosing to follow what man has taught us as normal. you can do all the yoga classes, all the gym classes, and all the essential oils, but if you continue to consume the very energy that is destroying us, you will continue to walk the path of cellular demise, demise of the vessel given to you to experience this physical life. its time to rise above. awaken. love, shanna

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break free
May 29, 2020, 1:23 AM Blog ID: #58333795

This life is one of forward movement. This movement doesn't necessarily indicate physical movement, rather, internal movement. we have a choice to make different choices than we previously would. in order top make different choices, you must have a different perception. boundaries must be placed out of love for yourself. when boundaries are placed out of love for yourself, the truth will be revealed in who keeps you around solely to benefit themselves. there must come a point where you step into your power, if you do not make the conscious efforts to reach these points, you will remain stagnant and tormented by the cycles that have repeated for the length of your life. it is almost June 2020, the energy of the earth has risen, and will continue to. will you rise with it? or will you remain in a self created prison of existence. the choice is all yours, break free. love always, Shanna

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Happiness Within - Happy Memorial Day
May 25, 2020, 12:54 PM Blog ID: #77589880

today is May 25, 2020, it is 10:41am. I am now in Victorville, California. I wanted to share this post as a reminder that when happiness is found within yourself, your outside environment cannot affect said happiness. ideally, Victorville is not the place i would prefer to be if i had to make my own choice. but what I understand about life is that there is a path laid out for us and every occurrence in life is to ensure that we stay on that path, or be brought back to it if we veer off. Circumstances kept me in america when i already had a trip booked in another country, and furthermore, circumstances brought me to a city in California that i would rather not be in comparison to all of my choices. because i rebuilt my foundation to the energy of creation which is love, happiness naturally exists within me. When I found happiness within myself, is when my happiness could no longer be taken away from me, because IT IS ME. The core of every message that i speak is that of love, beginning with love for self. in love, there is understanding. when one understands themselves, they understand all. If love is your energy of existence, there is an understading that you are one with the universe, one with god, one with creation, one with the piurpose for your life, and in that understadning is freedom to follow yours soul. So today, while everyone is coming together and having cook outs for Memorial Day, it will be a joyous time for those who enjoy beibng in the presence of family and friends, but remember to find that same joy within kyourself, in your own presence, and that joy will no longer depend on the presence of others. have a great day, one love to you all. love, Shanna Star

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5.20.2020 - my voice was taken.
May 23, 2020, 6:29 PM Blog ID: #36062202

5.20.2020 3:53PM Victorville, CA, USA When I returned to America from Indonesia, I had plans to leave the country again just two weeks later. The corona virus destroyed all plans for travel, forcing me to stay in America. I know that everything has divine timing and that everything happens for a reason, so I didn’t worry about cancelled travel, I decided to open my mind so that I can see all reasons why my presence was needed in America at this time. Here I sit, in a friend’s home, in Victorville, California, recovering from an illness that really makes no sense physically, but makes complete sense spiritually. My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in January 2020, and I knew when my travel plans were cancelled, that he was one of the reasons I had to be here. Not necessarily for physical support, but I was shown that I would be in his presence, as the presence of god, and this was necessary for his life and awakening to miracles or lack thereof. We can live life as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle. Our perception will create our outcome, so no matter what presence I bring, every individual is still responsible for their own perception. I arrived to my parent’s house with answers for my father on how to rid him of this illness, because, it isn’t just a physical complication, it is an attack on my fathers very existence. It is a spiritual attack, because my fathers’ purpose in this lifetime is that of great importance and he is needed now. So now is the time, his physical vessel would be attacked to keep him from serving his true purpose in this lifetime. I wrote in my notebook back in 2019 that this was going to happen to my father and I also wrote that I would have answers for him, so when the news was given to me, I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised however, when I asked to see the images of my dads CT scan that the cancer was revealed. I have worked in the radiology side of the medical field for almost 20 years, I ended my medical career working with breast cancer patients daily, I knew what cancer looked like. So, when I viewed my dad’s images, I knew right away that this was not a typical appearance of a cancer. The ‘mass’ appeared as a snake, so much so that when you zoomed in on the image, it had eyes. This was the beginning of the first phase in helping my dad survive this attack. If you have followed any of my writings or videos, you know that I have mentioned many times that snakes are a representation of evil. I immediately knew that I was to rid my father of this evil that made a home within his physical body. I was confident in this endeavor because I had already begun doing this work in Indonesia, so I knew that I had the divine power to do so. I also knew that I needed help, so I reached out to the one person that I have worked with before in releasing evil from this earth. All I did was send her a picture of the image of my dad’s chest CT and she replied with a poop emoji. Ha-ha. She then asked who this was, in which I replied, ‘my dad.’ Once again, she replied again with a poop emoji, followed by a sentence that said ‘we have to take this from him.’ I consulted the universe/god and asked to be shown when to do this and what to do, in the meantime, I was requesting that the universe use me and my vessel to take the poison from my dad that was being pumped into him via chemo. I was shown that if I wasn’t used to relieve him of this poison, he wouldn’t make it very far. So, I attended his first chemo appointment and, on the way home, held his hand so that I could take the poison (the chemo) which is evils answer, mans answer, to illness. I began having the symptoms, even though I did not express it, I was nauseous, I was dizzy, but I knew that I was strong enough to endure all of it. Why am I so confident in my strength? Because, I allow the energy of creation to fill me, that is the energy of love, and there is nothing stronger than creation, there is nothing stronger than god. I told my mom about what I was doing by taking the symptoms from my dad, and she said that in the car, while I was drinking water, she seen through the corner of her eye, a snake struggling, I told her that was real, I am fighting spiritually, for my dad’s physical and spiritual life. So, the same day as my dads first chemo treatment, my friend reached out to me and said that was the day that we were to take this snake from my dad. A little background on my father is, he has not been the most religious person, he came against my mother when she became religious. My mother is very religious, and since my father was diagnosed, is heading that way as well. Again, if you have followed my writings or videos, you know that I speak on the fact that god has nothing to do with religion and I speak against using the bible as an instruction guide for life, because it has manipulated us from the truth of who we are. It has taken the truth of god away from the human race. When my friend arrived, I had to explain to my parents the reason why she was there and I had to tell them that god is using me to rid my father of this spiritual attack and that everything happens for a reason, which is why my travel plans were cancelled. They were receptive and so we proceeded. I asked my father to lay on the floor, I made him comfy with a pillow and we began bringing the energy of god to earth to cleanse him of this evil presence. When we do this work, we don’t need words, and we don’t need physical touch because, we are energy and energy knows no time or distance. We are able to communicate with god, which is the universe in order to do this work. My mom was also present so that she could witness a miracle. I’m not sure the amount of time we were working, before my friend took the evil from him, she could feel it and she stood up and said ‘shit’ and started tapping her chest. After this, my father expressed that he could feel us touching his knees and his head, my mom then replied, ‘they weren’t touching you at all.’ He looked at her in disbelief and said, ‘really?’ then my mom went on to describe what she was seeing, and hearing while we were working, she said she could see roaring rapids when we began, chaotic waters, and by the time we were done, the waters were calm. I was extremely grateful that I was able to be used in revealing such a miracle to my parents. I was grateful that they were receptive, grateful for my friend helping me, and I was optimistic that everything was going to change from this point. I quickly learned that even though I am doing the work asked of me by the universe, it is still up to every individual to use their free will to consciously choose the path they take in this life. I came with healing answers in the form of foods and extracts for my father, and if he chose to embark on this new path he would be healed, and this would be his testimony, this would be his purpose on this earth, to share with the world the power we possess within ourselves, because that is where god resides. Even though my friend and I used our energy and the power given to us by the universe/god to free my father of evil, he still had to consciously choose healing for himself. He was rejecting the answers I came with because they weren’t what he was used to, but what we must understand in this life is, nothing will change, if we don’t change anything. So, the foods we choose to consume and everything else placed upon us in this life meant to destroy us must change, if not, our health will not change. You see, god has provided all we need through mother earth to survive and thrive, but man, has provided everything to destroy us slowly while believing it is normal life. Man has created illness to destroy us as well as the medicine to ‘heal that illness. Therefore, man controls all faith of the human race and healing for their bodies. But the truth is, man has created the problem and is not finding a solution, but rather another way to destroy our existence, and calling it medicine. We are not here to work, retire, get sick, then die, we were not created to be sick when we get old, it is the choices we’ve made our entire lives that bring us to the point of illness at an elderly age. So, the longer I stayed at my parents, the more tension grew, because all of the answers I was there to provide were causing anger within my father, he thought I was just trying to tell him what to do. This is another reason we must get back to love for ourselves, because in love, there is no offense. In love there is no pride or ego, therefore there is no anger found in truth. Ego finds offense in truth, soul finds growth. I knew I had to leave, because I could feel the energy, I was spiritually fighting the energy completely opposite to me. So, I left, I went back to Houston for a week, then back to California to my friend’s house for a few days. There was a lot of travel between Houston and California until April 25th. While I was in Houston, I broke down, because I felt so disappointed that all the work I had done energetically for another, was going unnoticed and I was being crucified for it. But in this space is also where I had to remember that I am here to do the work, it is then up to others what they do for their own lives. God cannot heal us while we are not willing to make the choices necessary to bring healing to ourselves using all that god has provided for us through mother earth, that is consciousness, and it comes naturally when love for oneself is found. I had to remember that I am here to love and accept every individual no matter what they do and no matter where they are in their current journey. So, I had to remember to just continue to bring genuine divine love to my parents, because that is the presence of god, and that is what the world needs. April 25th, I came back to California and stayed, first at my parents’ house, where I seen that my father was still very resistant to change, although he had made many minor changes already. The small things he changed showed that there is a willingness somewhere deep down inside, but again, he is responsible for his decisions to create healing. Many place the responsibility of healing on god as a source outside of us because that’s what religion has taught. God is not a source outside of us, god is and always has been within us, which is why we have the power to heal, if we choose to have faith in our intuitive guidance over the words of man. When we choose to love and respect our bodies, god will match the energy, and that is where healing and miracles occur, because god is energy, we are energy, the energy of creation is love. Between April 25th and May 1st, something major occurred. I felt myself being silenced, I came to a place where I wasn’t speaking much at my parents’ house because I knew everything I said wasn’t well received, so to avoid confrontation, I stopped speaking so much. I started to feel a disconnect, at night, when communication with the universe/ god/ my higher self always took place, I was no longer communicating, no matter how much I wanted to. I began to feel like I was being suppressed and I was reminded that every next level of power I reach, power in love, there is an equally existent power opposite to me, and every level would require me battling the evil on that level and winning. As soon as my voice started being suppressed, I started speaking less on Instagram, I started contemplating everything I am doing in life, and this is where I made the mistake, this is where I allowed my power in love for myself to be taken away from me. So, it began, the evening of May 1st, I started feeling very tired and weak. I took a shower and figured I’d go to bed early because my mother, my friend and myself were to go catch sunrise at rainbow basin, so I had to be up by 3:30am. In the shower, I had a vision, it was the same as a vision I had back in 2018. It was one of myself on a mountain top, with my arms raised to the sky, bringing the cleansing energy of god to the earth. In 2018, the vision placed me in another country, but being that I was going to be at a mountain top in less than 8 hours, I figured maybe this vision was pertaining to the sunrise I was going to catch. I went to bed, asking the universe to send me love and strength to cleanse mother earth. I woke 7 hours later, 3:30am, and I felt very weak still, I felt like something wasn’t right, almost to the point where I was going to call the trip off. The weather was very cold and windy outside, it just felt off, nothing felt like it was going as it should. Looking back now, I feel like maybe I should have called off the trip, I should have listened to my intuition saying, something isn’t right, but I didn’t. I chose to stand strong and continue on with our plans. On the way to meet my friend, which was about 30-40 minutes away, my mom was driving, I was sitting passenger, and I had an overwhelming emotion take over me. All of a sudden, I felt the energy of a friend that had been murdered and left in a dumpster on the side of the freeway we were driving on. I seen the whole thing happen right before my eyes, I felt what she was feeling, I heard her pleading for her life, and I felt the sadness and hopelessness she felt as life was slipping away from her. I began to cry and ask god to release her energy from this land. I told her she could go back home now and didn’t have to suffer on this planet anymore. I had to tell my mom what happened because I started crying out of nowhere, so I had to explain why. So that passed, and I felt good that I didn’t cancel my trip, because her energy would have still been stuck here. We were approaching the destination where we were to meet up with my friend, she would then join us in our vehicle. It didn’t dawn on me until we arrived, that we were meeting at a cemetery. Cemeteries for me are very draining, because there is a lot of stuck energy, there’s a lot of anger and pain, there’s a lot of suffering. So again, I began to cry because I could feel all of the energies that were there communicating with me. I then asked god/ universe once again to release these energies from mother earth and to send them back to the light, back home, back to peace and love. The reason I feel the emotions involved with stuck energies is because my vessel is used as a conduit to send them back to our source of creation, which is why I must keep my vessel clean and free flowing. I didn’t think about the fact that my energy actually wasn’t free flowing. A block in my throat chakra, my voice, was created by the suppression I was allowing when I arrived at my parent’s house. So, all of the energies I was releasing, were also getting stuck at the level of my blocked energy. I’m not realizing this until now that I type it, now I see why the next events happened. We arrived to our destination, Rainbow Basin, a historic landmark of different colors and different patterns amongst mountains in the middle of the desert of California. We hiked up to our destination, and I had a much harder time trekking up the mountain than I did the previous week, still feeling weak. We reached the point we were comfortable and sat anticipating the suns arrival. I only lasted about 15 minutes, until I felt very strongly like I needed to hike back down alone and lay down in the jeep. I told my mom and friend that I needed to go back down, but I asked them to stay for the sunrise. So, I headed back down, feeling weaker and weaker by the minute. By the time I made it back down to where we parked, I couldn’t feel more relieved that I was able to lay down. I climbed in and made myself comfortable in the back seat, by this time, I started to feel a fever coming on, my body was aching and it was now necessary for me to just rest. Since December, every month I would experience a couple of days where I would develop a fever with no other sickness, and it always came at a time of ascension, it was my physical body catching up to my souls forward movement, so I thought this is what was happening. I thought this was just another forward movement of my soul, and I thought it would just be a fever for a few days, nothing more, and rest is all I needed. I was wrong, this was going to be another physical manifestation of energetic clash that I have written about before, but on a much more powerful level. I’m not sure how much time had passed, but they came back to the jeep and we were on our way home. When we got there, I climbed right into bed, still assuming that this fever would be the extent of this call to rest. The next day, I felt like my wellbeing was declining, I felt like my body was being attacked in some type of way, but was confused as to why. The following day is when things got really bad, my throat started to get sore and this is when I knew that it wasn’t just this fever I would experience every month, this is when I knew something much bigger was going on because illness has been foreign to me for the past two years. That day, my health declined, my pain, on a scale from one to ten, was a twenty-five. I was in the worst pain I may have ever felt in my life, and I was asking the universe/god, why. What was the lesson in this occurrence for me? What was going on? And that night I got an answer, but it wasn’t god speaking to me. That night, I seen very clearly, five dark entities surround me, and they began speaking to me. They said, “we are here to make you give up. We are here to take away your power which is your voice. We are here to destroy you. We are here to take your faith away. We will cause you so much pain, that you give up all faith in who you are, you will place your faith in man-made medicine out of fear, and when you do that, you lose.” I was appalled, I woke up, turned on the light and looked in the mirror, and was even more appalled. In the mirror I seen the right side of my neck, so big, you could literally see five lumps in it, and it was five entities that were speaking to me. I immediately reached out to the universe and said “show me what to do, I will not give up, I will not lose faith, I will not be defeated. My voice is necessary on this earth and I will no longer allow it to be suppressed.” I began doing everything I felt I needed to do to heal myself with food and the supplements I had available to me with faith that I would heal without man made chemicals. When we place our faith in man made medicine, we are denying ourselves the power of healing that mother nature has provided to us, we are also consuming the very energy opposite to our creation. Because man made chemicals will not heal us, they will only harm us at the core of our being, because we are energy. Every night, when I would go to bed, I would be attacked, I would feel myself being surrounded by evil and I would feel my throat closing, to where I couldn’t breathe laying down, I couldn’t swallow, I didn’t eat for seven days. Finally, after the third night of sleeping with the light on, I knew I had to leave my parents house again. I knew that if I stayed there, I would continue being attacked and I couldn’t allow it anymore. I left, back to my friend’s house, to continue to heal. This entire time, I had not spoken, I was unable to speak, for about seven days total, which meant I was unable to communicate with my son via telephone. I reached a point where I was tired of accepting this, and I cried out again for help as I had been doing every day, but this time, my cry was different. This time, I expressed that I was not going to give up and that I knew the universe was powerful enough to send me healing energy. The day before Mother’s Day, Saturday, may 9th, I was given my answer. I was shown that my friend that I was staying with could heal me, but she didn’t have to, and I was shown that the universe could heal me, but I had to accept my power for that to occur. This showed me that I was still depending on sources outside of myself for healing, when I was the source of my own healing because I am connected directly to the source of creation. So, I began to receive instructions, via my intuition, on how to heal for Mother’s Day so that I may have a good time with my son. I was instructed to close my eyes and place my right hand directly over the point of my highest pain, and envision the most powerful energy and the brightest light from the universe killing the infection. It was also revealed to me that what infection is, it is thousands of microscopic cells that exist at the energy opposite of creation, eating you alive. So, I was to envision the energy from the universe killing these cells that were ‘eating me alive.’ I was able to visualize the most beautiful white and gold light exterminating all evil presences that were in my body with the intention of causing me harm. The lymph nodes that were palpable began decreasing in size and my ability to swallow increased slowly. I got myself some hot/ spicy mushroom soup from a local Korean BBQ place, and that took me to another level of healing, after that, I was able to speak, at a very low volume, but I didn’t care. I was extremely grateful and had witnessed yet another miracle in my life displaying the power that’s available to us. I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my son and able to engage in conversation. While everyone drank and went about their day, I was a sitting miracle right in front of their faces, and they had no clue. The next day, I began to ask why this even happened, and how I allowed any evil to exist within me to cause me harm. I was making sure not to blame myself, but I was asking for answers to be revealed so that I wouldn’t let it happen again. It was revealed to me, just as I explained the spiritual attack on my father in the beginning, this was a spiritual attack on me. Energy is powerful and any people that found offense in the truth that I speak can send energy to suppress my voice. This was a large reminder to me that I must keep my physical body at its peak of health and that I must keep my frequency high so that lower energies cannot affect me. So, I began to heal and went to a previously booked weekend in west Hollywood, CA. I arrived in Hollywood on a Friday and it was a beautiful feeling. My energy felt completely different which indicated that the energy in Victorville may be bad for me to remain in. While in Hollywood, there was a freedom, but my voice still wasn’t 100% so I didn’t do much recording. Instead, I enjoyed the outdoors, I enjoyed my environment and I know that my presence was cleansing the city, because that is what I have done since 2018. I walked every day that I was there, clocking 7 miles on one day, simply walking along Sunset Blvd., engaging in small talk with anyone that approached me, and I felt in my element again, the element of freedom. It became very apparent that I was being attacked while in Victorville, the entire time I was there. This made me question, do I avoid that city now, or do I raise my energy so high that I cannot be touched there? I was a bit confused. I continued to enjoy my time and knew that I would figure it out in due time, because everything is always revealed to me exactly when its supposed to be. I was supposed to leave on Monday, but my energy said, ‘no, don’t leave yet.’ So, I stayed one more night, I would have stayed longer but I had to consider my budget since I do not have a guaranteed source of income. The last night that I was there, I found my voice again. I went back to my anchor podcast, created a trailer, and recorded and published two new episodes. I felt good, I felt accomplished and I had planned to continue to record more everyday upon my return to Victorville. Tuesday morning arrived; it was time for me to leave Hollywood. I didn’t want to leave but at the same time I had to be mindful of my perception of everything because remember, our thoughts create our reality, so if I was expecting my return to Victorville to be bad, it would be. I went about my morning, walked to Dialog for my daily matcha with coconut milk and then headed back to where I was staying to grab my car to head back up the hill. As soon as I started driving, I took a drink of my tea and my throat all of a sudden felt extremely sore. My first thought was, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’ I pulled down the mirror and opened my mouth to look at my throat and all of a sudden there was a spot on my throat. I was adamant that I was not going to accept this again, so I put my music on and continued with my drive and sipping my tea. Every minute that passed, the pain in my throat got worse and worse, eventually reaching a point where I could no longer drink my iced tea because it was too painful. In the hour and 20 minutes it took me to arrive in Victorville, my throat was completely overtaken with pain and swelling, leaving me unable to speak again. I felt so defeated when I arrived. I had a fever, my lymph nodes were swollen, I couldn’t speak, and again, was in some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I had to return my rental car and just wanted to get soup to ease my pain. I went to three different places to get soup and was unsuccessful, again, I felt defeated, but I kept pushing and saying to myself, this will not defeat me this time, I will not be defeated. Remember, conversations with yourself ARE conversations with god. What you speak and think are your prayers. I kept swallowing to keep movement in my throat which is something I didn’t do last time. The last time, I stopped swallowing because it was too painful, this time I chose to do something completely opposite. Keep swallowing no matter how painful, so that energy cannot get stuck and bacteria cannot thrive. So, I continued to swallow no matter how painful, and I began to attack the illness with oil of oregano and zinc on top of my daily lemon balm and b12. That night was really bad, but I kept pushing forward saying, this is not going to last, and the next morning, my fever was gone, my lymph nodes were considerably smaller and I felt much better, but still without a voice. It was then that it was shown to me once again, how powerful our thoughts and words are. Today I sit, in Victorville, CA, still resting because although my voice is back in low volume, I’m still healing. My lymph nodes are still palpable although noticeably smaller and I need to heal completely before I move forward. I do feel very strongly that I need to leave California and go back to Houston for a while to publish and release a book or three. Financially, I am not able to do all of this, and this is where I am at this moment. Do I just follow this energy and move forward with no worry of money? I’ve done that before many times and it has always worked out in the end, but I have experienced many times where I was stuck with no money and no food and I do not want to get to that place again. So now I sit with myself, with the universe, with god, and I listen for the moment when I’m told to move, it is then, I will move. Until I hear my guidance, I will continue to heal myself completely so that I am physically strong and prepared for what’s to come. I am grateful for all of my experiences as they bring knowledge to myself, therefore bringing knowledge to the earth. To create a new earth, we must step away from all thinking that attaches us to the old one. We have help on this earth and we must understand that forward movement isn’t always physical, rather forward movement requires a listening, a stillness, a moment for higher levels of knowledge to be revealed. Every higher level that I reach in the energy of creation, the closer I get to my highest self, there is an equally powerful energy opposite to mine. Acknowledgment of this fact prepares me for what’s to come and I am proven over and over again of the power I possess, it is that of creation, the energy of love, and there is nothing stronger than that. My voice was taken from me, I invited it by suppressing my own voice in fear of offending others. I will step into my power once again, my voice, to spread truth. with nothing but love and compassion for all. The core of every message that I speak, is love. To build your foundation of existence to that of love will guarantee your place on the path meant for your life. To possess the energy of creation within you, is to guarantee that nothing else can defeat you, physically or spiritually, it is all within you. Love, Shanna Star

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Welcome to my Blog
May 23, 2020, 5:12 PM Blog ID: #59451538

5.23.2020 Welcome to my blog! There is no specific theme except for delivering any knowledge gained through my own experiences. Many things I speak about are not conventional and not found on google or things like that because I am the one meant to bring some of this information to earth. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind for another time because we are all existent at different levels of consciousness and things will make sense to you exactly when they are supposed to. The core of every message I speak is that of love. If every individual rebuilds their foundation of existence to the energy of creation which is love, that will be the answer to every problem amongst the human race. This life is a journey to reaching the highest version of ourselves. We are infinite energetic beings, individual souls, inhabiting the human body as a vessel to experience this physical life. However, this life wasn’t meant to be experienced the way that we’ve been taught. We are a race with conscious minds and free will to choose to what energy we exist at. We were created with the energy of love, creation is love, therefore, god is love. We are one with god, one with creation, one with the universe and we possess the same power. We possess the ability to create or destroy and have been manipulated into choosing destruction of ourselves by being taught to choose to exist at the energy of fear over love. Because our natural energy of existence is love, this life was meant to be lived free, at one with all, a race of divine beings. Follow my journey as it is one of delivering answers of salvation for the human race. We are one collective body. Every individual is an important functioning organ of that body, therefore, if we individually save ourselves, we collectively save the world. Love, Shanna Star

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